• The Architecture, Design & Planning Show, which is being held in the Arena MK, Milton Keynes on 29th September 2020, will highlight the latest innovative technologies and techniques that are available to architects to help them design and plan the sustainable buildings and infrastructure required by a growing population and to aid businesses in adapting to the challenges of the unfolding fourth industrial revolution (Industry 4.0) and digitisation.

    The technologies on display at the Architecture, Design & Planning Show include:

    * BIM systems;
    * Virtual Reality and 3D Design;
    * Offsite and Modular Construction;
    * 3D Printing;
    * Artificial Intelligence;
    * Robotics and Automation;
    * Smart Buildings;
    * Domotics.

    The event will offer practical advice on how architects and designers can reduce construction waste, maximise building efficiency and incorporate recyclable materials into their structures.

    Part of the annual National Construction Exhibition, the Architecture, Design & Planning Show will also focus on emerging trends in this fast changing field such as the move towards Energy Positive buildings and Zero-Energy houses, Inclusive Architecture, and new uses for old materials. Another key trend is Vertical Design in regard to building greener cities and towns but also in sectors such as agriculture.


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